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Shruthi Jain
3 min readMar 13, 2021

You might be thinking whats the connection between networking and data science. well then let me enlighten you that networking is also main part of any field of study or work or domain. people often neglect this part of there working or studying life let me tell you some importance of networking and how it can benefit you in many ways.

Networking doesn’t mean you have to check up regularly on each other about your where about but rather get into a conversation on common field and engaging in there ideas and problems as well. your networking might start with an very cringe text but you might not know what is store in for you and how a person can help you in so many ways.

Networking place a important role when it comes to knowledge . networking with people all around the world and especially in relation to your work field and domain. you will get to know all different types of people Prespective on many challenging problems or projects which you face which can give you so much insigths and also solution of it. you get the outer person’s view on your ideas who had experience and as well knowledge to help you with it.

speaking from personal experiences…..

i personally networked with a lot of people in Data Science community and developed a habit of engaging and gaining knowledge from them time to time . why? it helped me in so many ways !!!

first , i got to meet few amazing people who has relevant experience and where ready to share there knowledge and guidance to mentor me in this ongoing journey. so now if i had any doubts or ideas i want to go forward with i had someone who i can rely on for giving me best and honest review and also guide me in many ways.

second , i started engaging with many data science content creator who had amazing content and shared many free resources to take advantage of and learn with minimum cost. also won many giveaways which is of course a plus point of it.

third , i came to knew a lot of insiders when it came to job or internship openings. my network use to tag me in relevant internship post or notify me about new opportunity going on around .

fourth, one more and a very big success of networking is landing an job or internship !!. yes you heard it right , i got few of my internship from linkedIn connection after they got familiar with my work and my journey and having a good relation with them with helping each other and also networking with a founder of a company and he took interest in my journey and got an internship offer.

Fifth, I am able to get constantly updated with the data world like what is new project ideas in works? what are new concepts in data science which is gaining attraction? , what is the new buzzword?….etc.

sixth, finding a team for working on a project . i got to meet amazing people on linkedIn and one of my connection Jack Raifer initiated a discord channel call “DATApreneurs” where you can brainstorms your ideas with so many people and find team to work on that project and also find a mentors.

so these are few from many of benefits which i personally experienced and benefit from it. hope after learning this you know importance of networking and how it can change the game.

Happy Networking!!!!

Little about myself.
I am Shruthi jain pursuing my bachelors degree in Business administration and also learning Data science to get set for my data science career . i am currently working as a Data Science Intern in Startup company and also have completed few internships. you can talk to me through my linkedIn .

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Shruthi Jain

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