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Shruthi Jain
3 min readMar 13, 2021

You might be thinking whats the connection between networking and data science. well then let me enlighten you that networking is also main part of any field of study or work or domain. people often neglect this part of there working or studying life let me tell you some importance of networking and how it can benefit you in many ways.

Networking doesn’t mean you have to check up regularly on each other about your where about but rather get into a conversation on common field and engaging in there ideas and problems as well. your networking might start with an very cringe text but you might not know what is store in for you and how a person can help you in so many ways.

Networking place a important role when it comes to knowledge . networking with people all around the world and especially in relation to your work field and domain. you will get to know all different types of people Perspective on many challenging problems or projects which you face which can give you so much insights and also solution of it. you get the outer person’s view on your ideas who had experience and as well knowledge to help you with it.

speaking from personal experiences…..

i personally networked with a lot of people in Data Science community and developed a habit of engaging and gaining knowledge from them time to time . why? it helped me in so many ways !!!

I’ve had the chance to meet some incredible people with relevant experience who were eager to share their knowledge and guide me on my journey. Having mentors to turn to for advice or feedback on my ideas has been invaluable.

I’ve also connected with numerous data science content creators who offer great resources for learning at minimal cost. Winning giveaways along the way has been a nice bonus.

Through networking, I’ve gained insights into job and internship opportunities that I wouldn’t have found otherwise. My network keeps me updated on relevant posts and new opportunities in my field.

One of the biggest successes of networking has been landing internships and job offers. Building relationships on platforms like LinkedIn has led to opportunities where my work and journey were recognized and appreciated.

Staying connected has also helped me stay updated on the latest trends and projects in the data science world. Knowing what’s new and gaining insights into emerging concepts has been enriching.

Networking has also helped me find teams to collaborate with on projects. I’ve met talented individuals who brainstorm ideas and form teams, and I’ve also found mentors along the way.

These are just a few of the many benefits I’ve personally experienced through networking. I hope sharing this inspires others to see the importance of networking and how it can make a difference in their journey.

Happy networking!

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